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Internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano and Kammersängerin Tichina Vaughn's celebrated career has taken her around the globe to the most important opera houses in the world such as the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Los Angeles Opera, Semperoper Dresden, La Scala Milan, Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

Her unique and memorable program, From Handel to Harlem, is both musically ambitious and historically relevant, bringing the audience on an aural journey that encompasses a vast collection of styles from classical to spirituals and spans nearly three hundred years of musical creativity and excellence.

Bridging the journey from the old world musical styles of Handel to the vibrant new world musical styles of Harlem are works from composers Antonin Dvořák and Harry Burleigh, whose collaboration is one of Ms. Vaughn's inspirations for the program itself. 

Dvořák met Burleigh, then a 26-year-old African-American singer from Erie, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1892. Burleigh had learned many old plantation songs from his maternal grandfather, Hamilton Waters, who in 1832 bought his freedom from slavery on a Maryland plantation. Burleigh's singing while cleaning the conservatory's halls caught the attention of Dvořák, who asked Burleigh to sing for him in the evenings. Dvořák immersed himself in the spirit of these refrains, which served as inspiration for ongoing compositions including his beloved New World Symphony.


Works from Charles Ives, Margaret Bonds and Hall Johnson are also featured in the program, which is accompanied by piano

The Gratitude Channel

Welcome to the Gratitude Channel whose purpose is to Seek the Go(o)d in Everything. The Gratitude Channel was born out of the Spirit of gratitude for the many blessings and opportunities experienced in my professional and personal life. During many years as a musical performer on stages around the world I have been touched, inspired, and encouraged by the people, places, and performances that it has been my honor to participate with and in. The mission of the Gratitude Channel is to showcase direct evidence of and access to this Spirit of encouragement and inspiration.

Solo Recitals/Concerts /Event Entertainment

From All Star Gala concerts to intimate jazz evenings, from city festivals, company parties, and inspirational musical events, Tichina Vaughn, with her unparalleled versatilty and experience provides the perfect program. Whether opera , jazz, gospel or pop, singing is Tichina Vaughn's life, her joy , and her passion. Her extensive repertoire encompasses classical, jazz, broadway, gospel, big band and popular music and has been celebrated and acclaimed internationally on stages great and small around the world. The multi-facetted mezzo-soprano , who hails from North Carolina and is an ensemble member of the Semperoper Dresden, offers different programs that lend every occasion a special touch of elegance.

Classical Recital

From Handel to Harlem
 "The program is called “From Händel to Harlem” and the choice of the pieces will create a ray of sound that connects worlds, glowing with deep religiousness that lets heaven touch earth for a moment."  (DNN 09/11) 
Featuring works of Händel, Dvorak, Ives, Bonds and more this classically delivered inspirational concert will leave a touching and lasting impression in the hearts of all listeners.

Cabaret/Jazz/Big Band

Caberet Blues in the Night 

With this program the famous mezzo-soprano lets her full versatiliy shine . Featuring jazz standards, caberet songs, and braodway tunes from Weill, Waller, Ellington, Gershwin, Ives, Porter, Mercer, and many more. Perfect for an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere. Audience participation is encouraged and enjoyment is guaranteed. 


Popular Music & Disco

Pure Pop
This program sets the party spirit free and guarantees a good mood and dancing fun. Highlighting the disco hits of Abba , Summer , Captain and Tenille and more, coming full circle to the contemporary , with hits from Pink , Houston, Agueliera and many german artists. This program is performed with either live band or pre-recoreded backing tracks and promises that a good time will be had by all.
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